Writer's Block: I'm off to see the wizard

Are there any movies that you absolutely loved when you were younger that you've watched again and found awful or ridiculous?

The Land of Faraway. 
i used to watch it all the time. And actually i still watch it at least once a year to remind myself of how hilarious it is. i mean, how could you resist a nine-year-old christian bale playing a character named jum-jum? it's epic. and christopher lee as the evil knight cato(every time his name is said, it gets dark and a violent wind starts blowing...) like i said. epic.

sometimes, i write witty things while taking notes

 so the romans were big into propaganda. we read the aeneid for my mythology class, and this is what i wrote for virgil's angle that is not at all subtly inserted into the story:
"Romans are awesome, even before we existed. End of story. Even the gods like us better. We win, you lose, because we rock."

just remember that and you'll be able to interpret any piece of roman art.

summer is comin' fast people!!!!

plans for the summer so far:

other than alaska that is....
1) support raise for alaska- this includes lots of prayer and calling people and probably going to some churches. but the letters are already done so i just have to wait.
2) WRITE- this can happen in alaska too, but i want to write a little every day while i'm home. I am going to try and work on my short story that i got published and perhaps make it longer? and any other things too. 
3) read!- i already have three books from one of my friends here at school. i need to finish some c.s. lewis books, and read a book with my friend michele, but i don't remember what it's called. plus i want to go to the library and get random books too. i love reading!
4) visit people
5) oh yeah...i should probably try to make a little money, huh? this will probably include babysitting and maybe some editing work with hannah. or any other odd jobs i can find...any suggestions?
6) MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC- i need to keep practicing guitar and write stuff with my friend danielle. and practice for the musical that i'm in next semester. wow. i'm a lead in an operetta next could i forget that? yikes.
7) figure out what the heck to do with all these crazy people i know and how to stay in touch with them all over the summer.

i'm sure there's more.

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 the last three weeks have been a little insane.
choir tour was crazy.
california was fun but a bit crazy.
and this past week was even crazier than those first two.
i have concluded that my mind gets majorly befuddled when it comes to the opposite sex. This week i have had the shortest dating relationship ever. which makes it feel even sillier for me because it was my first dating relationship. i guess that's what happens with infatuations. i am very foolish, but the good thing is, we both realized how silly it was and didn't drag it out.
but what makes it even crazier was that it wasn't even the guy i like a week and a half ago.

so i must beg the question: how the heck does that work?
i liked this one guy nearly all semester, then all of a sudden another one comes into my life and magically i can switch affections?
i have no idea how that even happened and it's honestly quite scary to think that i can be so fickle.
i'm obviously not remotely mature enough to be dating anyone right now. and i'm mostly okay with that. at least now i know i'm not some decrepit misfit who couldn't ever get a boyfriend. not that i really thought i was, but going 21 years without dating anyone seems a little weird to me even though that is my life. 
extreme emotions turn all my reason to a pile of mush.
that could be a problem.
good thing God is smarter than me.

if i opened a restaurant...

 ....then it would be all breakfast foods, but from different cultures. not just your average eggs and bacon place.
look, i even have a menu!

dishes for a diner:
this place has a different feel. it has the classic comfort feel, but it has some different breakfast dishes, kind of internationally themed, with my own twist.

egg dishes:
Garbanzo spaghetti scrambler- scrambled eggs with garbanzo beans, tomato sauce, basil and oregano
fried eggs and pisto- 2 eggs, fried in olive oil, served with cold tomato, pepper and summer sqush stew
eggs and veggies: scrambled eggs with mixed vegetables

sweet stuff:
toast with nutella, jelly or peanut butter
crepes: with strawberry jam or nutella
palmeras: crunchy, flaky european pastry
pancakes with bananas foster: buttermilk pancakes with bananas in a brown sugar/rum sauce
marias with milk: graham cracker-like cookies served with a bowl of warm or cold milk (chocolate or regular)

cold cuts: different assorted cold cuts of meat served with bread
black and white pudding: not like you imagine, mixed meat sausages
paté with bread: french bread served with paté
bacon: thick sliced bacon
sausage: maple flavored links

If you could open a restaurant, what would you have on the menu?

now what?

 I love people, and i love getting to know people for real. when i make friends with someone, it always excites me to get to know another person, but when i get to experience God using me to help this person, or when i never expected to be friends with them, much less be their confidante, it gives me hope for humanity.
but it is also a strange paradox, because then my heart breaks when i hear their troubles. And i don't know what to do with myself because even though i am not experiencing their pain directly, i really do feel it. And i never know how to fully convey my empathy.
God works in such random ways that i never expect, and He always keeps me on my toes.
when i stop giving advice and start listening is when the most unfolding occurs.
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oh, music.

 i love it and hate it when a song expresses something so perfectly. It's a frustrating and fulfilling feeling.

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random quotesduring story editing

 as we sit and edit some of my stories and i start to read my twilight fanfiction. sad, i know.
danielle is laying on my floor revising one of my stories, and all of a sudden i say--
oh my gosh, what if philipp is a vampire..."
she goes. um what? 
this is funnier if you know the back story. but for now, i'll just leave it at that. needless to say danielle replied with "well, he's beautiful enough."

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 This guy is a Christian writer that spoke at campus crusade fall retreat last semester. i got a chance to talk with him for awhile about writing, which was AWESOME, and every once in a while i remember to read his blog to see when his book is coming out, which i am totally going to read. anyway, i read this post, and had to share it with someone, because it is so hilarious to me, and i wish i could be this witty when i'm blogging. Also, it addresses a topic very near and dear to my heart--why poor little pluto is no longer regarded as a planet. enjoy. 

ummmmm hopefully the link works, for some reason i couldn't just copy and paste it. whatever.